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Your steel supply chain partner

Specialist in lean supply chains of Steel Products.
Our lean Organization and Network worldwide allows us to give our Customers
the most competitive solution for Steel supply.


Expert professionals achieve the goals of Steel Supply through the design of tailor-made supply chain strategies and the application of robust execution processes, minimizing procurement costs, lead times and risks on every Steel Project.


We achieve measurable operational and financial improvements for our clients through our lean methodology: Process and Quality optimization and control and performance improvement in the form of efficiencies and productivity and waste reduction.


A worldwide network and a high experienced team allows us to give our customers the best solution for their steel supply projects. We combine the work methods with extensive experience fulfilling the projects needs of our customers: on time, on spec and on price.

on going projects

Birth to GreenSteel

In line with the international commitments to decarbonize energy sources, and the targets set for the development of steel supply chains for green energy projects, a core activity of our organisation, the Board approved the
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New Agreements signed

Taiichio and Wolf and SeAH Steel have entered into an agency agreement for the Taiwan Offshore Wind market. The Taiwanese market is the largest offshore wind project development market with jackets foundations in the world.
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Saint Brieuc

Taiichio and Wolf and its principal Edgen Murray supplies in 2020 and 2021 the steel pipes for the fabrication of 62 jackets of the Saint Brieuc project. A total scope of 8887 tubes and 40209
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Greater ChangHua

Taiichio and Wolf has participated between September and December 2019 in the project led by the company Nervión Naval Offshore, Greater ChangHua, for the client Sing Da Marine Structures (China Steel Corporation) in Taiwan. The
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East Anglia ONE

Taiichio and Wolf, again as agent of Edgen Murray, manages the steel supply for the fabrication of 32 jackets for the East Anglia 1 project in 2017 and 2018. This supply was for a total
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OSS Wikinger

In 2015, Taiichio and Wolf, along with its principal Edgen Murray, took the first steps in the offshore wind sector by supplying the material for the spreader bars for the assembly of the top module
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