New Agreements signed

Taiichio and Wolf and SeAH Steel have entered into an agency agreement for the Taiwan Offshore Wind market. The Taiwanese market is the largest offshore wind project development market with jackets foundations in the world. The agreement is based on the development of the supply of steel components required for the manufacture of jackets foundations for the customer SDMS: single pipes (legs, bracings, stubs and cones), pine piles, stabbings, substructures: upper jacket and lower jackets, transitions pieces and fully fabricated jackets.

Current activities are focused on the Zong Neng and Hai Long projects.

Taiichio and Wolf and Brown McFarlane have also signed an Agency Agreement to promote and market its plate products in the territory of Spain and Portugal. Brown McFarlane, a company with more than 130 years of background, is one of the world’s leading specialist steel plate stockists, processors, and distributors.