The synergy of our alliances strengthens our position in the different markets with multiple strategies to reach our clients satisfaction.

With its exceptional expertise and technology, SeAH Steel has been an elite steel pipe producer for more than 50 years. SeAH Steel is the right steel supply partner for SAWL tubulars for offshore foundations, with extremely high capacity: SAWL Roll Bender 120,000MT per year, SAWL Press bender 420,000MT per year, 3 Saddle Cut Machines, Pin Pile fabrication up to 4pcs per week.
Additionally, SeaH Steel can offer a full range fabrication for Jacket Business, being in position to offer semi-fabricated jackets (TP, Upper and Lower) and also fully fabricated jackets.

Brown McFarlane is one of the world’s leading specialist steel plate distributors, processors, and traders. Brown McFarlane holds large stocks of steel plates distributed from strategic locations around the world enabling us to supply a full range of quality assured steels at very short notice. Intelligent market monitoring ensures that sufficient stock of particular steels in various markets is available at all times. Brown McFarlane progressively added to our range of services profile and prepare complex finished parts ready for assembly. Our customers are wide ranging in size and requirements from complete tank farm's ready for on-site erection to small specialist components.

Metec is the market leader for production of galvanic anode Cathodic Protection Systems for the fast-evolving range of offshore renewable industries. Its dedicated galvanic anode production facilities ensure we can fulfil the most challenging client requirements, for the growing Taiwanese market.

PINVISA Coatings has been providing for years reliable and long-lasting solutions for the main corrosion problems in industry, supplying effective and profitable products which are the result of our wide technical knowledge and our commitment with continuous R&D.. Recent studies have revealed that 75% of world population will have problems to access drinking water in 2050 and its consumption per person will raise 40% above current figure. Protecfull SFP 108 has been internationally homologated to internally protect tanks and pipes which contain or transport water for human consumption.

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