Birth to GreenSteel

In line with the international commitments to decarbonize energy sources, and the targets set for the development of steel supply chains for green energy projects, a core activity of our organisation, the Board approved the creation of the GreenSteel SL Holding Company, which will bring together the Group’s three business lines: Steel Trade Iberia, SteelCo Trade Iberia and Taiichio and Wolf Projects. The process of creating Green Steel SL was successfully completed last December (2021).

Taiichio and Wolf Projects will lead the development of supply chains for the current and future challenges of green energy projects, especially Wind Offshore projects, Solar Photovoltaic projects and Green Hydrogen projects

New Agreements signed

Taiichio and Wolf and SeAH Steel have entered into an agency agreement for the Taiwan Offshore Wind market. The Taiwanese market is the largest offshore wind project development market with jackets foundations in the world. The agreement is based on the development of the supply of steel components required for the manufacture of jackets foundations for the customer SDMS: single pipes (legs, bracings, stubs and cones), pine piles, stabbings, substructures: upper jacket and lower jackets, transitions pieces and fully fabricated jackets.

Current activities are focused on the Zong Neng and Hai Long projects.

Taiichio and Wolf and Brown McFarlane have also signed an Agency Agreement to promote and market its plate products in the territory of Spain and Portugal. Brown McFarlane, a company with more than 130 years of background, is one of the world’s leading specialist steel plate stockists, processors, and distributors.

Saint Brieuc

Taiichio and Wolf and its principal Edgen Murray supplies in 2020 and 2021 the steel pipes for the fabrication of 62 jackets of the Saint Brieuc project. A total scope of 8887 tubes and 40209 metric tonnes to the customer Navantia. The project strategy requires the supply in two Navantia facilities: its Fene shipyard and the new Polder facility in Brest, France.

The situation generated by the COVID19 pandemic, which has hampered the launching process of the project with our Korean supplier SeAH Steel, has required all participants to strictly control all stages of the supply chain. The implementation of additional solutions and measures by all those involved has allowed the complete supply from Korea and the UAE, meeting the demanding needs of the project.

Navantia’s Project Management has congratulated the entire team involved in the project, SeAH Steel, Edgen Murray and Taiichio and Wolf, for the execution of the supply, paying special attention to the corrective measures implemented.

Greater ChangHua

Taiichio and Wolf has participated between September and December 2019 in the project led by the company Nervión Naval Offshore, Greater ChangHua, for the client Sing Da Marine Structures (China Steel Corporation) in Taiwan.

The Taiichio and Wolf team in Kaohsiung has worked on the development of the supply chain of the components for the manufacture of the jackets at the SDMS facilities in Sing Da.

East Anglia ONE

Taiichio and Wolf, again as agent of Edgen Murray, manages the steel supply for the fabrication of 32 jackets for the East Anglia 1 project in 2017 and 2018. This supply was for a total of 3.840 tubes with a weight of 13.915 metric tonnes, to the client Navantia.

Following the successful approval and project launch visits to the Korean supplier, SeAH Steel, with our customer’s team, three shipments have been made from Korea to meet the demanding needs of the project.

Navantia’s Project Management has congratulated all the team involved in the project, SeAH Steel, Edgen Murray and Taiichio and Wolf, for the perfect execution of the supply.

OSS Wikinger

In 2015, Taiichio and Wolf, along with its principal Edgen Murray, took the first steps in the offshore wind sector by supplying the material for the spreader bars for the assembly of the top module with the jacket of the substation of the Wikinger project. The challenge of this delivery is the manufacture and delivery within 8 weeks of all necessary components: steel plate of 150 mm thickness and steel pipes of 80 mm thickness.

Our customer Montube Sur officially congratulates for the exquisite execution of the project.